Are you looking for a special gift or just something different to hang on a wall? I am an artist and illustrator and I can make a portrait for you! I work with graphite and colors pencils, and watercolors. Here are some examples:



diana velazquezred

How it works

  1. I work based on one or more photographic references, so you can send me a photo (or 2, or 3) you’d like me to use as a reference.
  2. After deciding on a reference image, I will help you decide on other possible details. Will it be a pencil portrait? Would you like color pencil or watercolor details?
  3. Finally, the size. You can choose between A5, A4, A3 or squared 30×30 paper.
  4. I live in Stavanger, Norway, so if you are in the area you can just pick it up when it is done. Or I can send it to you with an additional cost for shipping.

What you get

You get your portrait in the size you chose, in a protective folder and with a certificate of authenticity. You will also get a digital file of the portrait that can be used for for example as a profile picture online or to print out christmas cards. I don’t do framing myself but I can offer assistance with this.


Send me an email to or message me on my facebook page if you want a portrait made, or if you are just wondering about something!